Epitope Tag Antibodies and Kits

  • High Sensitivity and Specificity
  • Excellent Purification
  • Useful for IP, IHC, WB, FCM and other applications
  • Over 25 different tags available

MBLI offers a comprehensive line of high-quality antibodies and kits for your epitope tag experiments. These products are highly cited and provide high sensitivity for purifications experiments and many other applications. These products include our Smart-IP line of antibodies conjugated to magnetic beads for faster, cleaner immunoprecipitation.

Epitope Tags and Related Products

Epitope Tag Conjugates

Antigen TargetUnlabeledAgaroseBiotinHRP-DirecTAlexa Fluor®Smart-IP Magnetic Beads  Smart-IP Magnetic AgarosePurification Kits AgarosePurification Kits Magnetic Beads
HA  X X X X X X  X
His  X X X X X X  
Myc  X X X X X X  X
V5  X  X  X X X X
GFP  X X X X X X  
Renilla GFP X        
RFP X X  X  X   
Mini-AID X