• Save time and get clear data with MBLI’s HRP-DirecT series.
  • No more secondary antibodies for Western Blotting!

“HRP-DirecT series” is a series of epitope tag antibodies labeled directly with HRP. These antibodies have high sensitivity and low background.

Quick – 30 min for Western Blotting


High Sensitivity 


Clear – No cross-reactivity with antibodies used for immunoprecipitation which eliminates their heavy and light chain bands in the western blots.


HRP-DirecT series

Code No. DescriptionCloneIsotypeApplicationsSize
PM020-7Anti-DDDDK-tag pAb-HRP-DirecTPolyclonalRabbit Ig (Affinity Purified)WB100 µL
M185-7Anti-DDDDK-tag mAb-HRP-DirecTFLA-1Mouse IgG2aκWB200 µL
561-7Anti-HA-tag pAb-HRP-DirecTPolyclonalRabbit IgGWB100 µL
M180-7Anti-HA-tag mAb-HRP-DirecTTANA2Mouse IgG2bκWB100 µL
D291-7Anti-His-tag mAb-HRP-DirecTOGHisMouse IgG2aκWB50 µL
M192-7Anti-Myc-tag mAb-HRP-DirecTMy3Mouse IgG2bκWB100 µL
M047-7Anti-Myc-tag mAb-HRP-DirecTPL14Mouse IgG1κWB100 µL
PM003-7Anti-V5-tag pAb-HRP-DirecTPolyclonalRabbit Ig (Affinity Purified)WB100 µL
M215-7Anti-V5-tag mAb-HRP-DirecTOZA3Mouse IgG2bκWB100 µL
598-7Anti-GFP pAb-HRP-DirecTPolyclonalRabbit IgGWB100 µL
M204-7Anti-RFP mAB-HRP-DirecT1G9Mouse IgG2bWB100 µL
PM005-7Anti-RFP pAb-HRP-DirecT PolyclonalRabbit IgGWB100 µL
PM013-7Anti-GST-tag pAb-HRP-DirecTPolyclonalRabbit Ig (Affinity Purified)WB50 µL
8480Loading Control Set (ß-Actin, ∂-Tubulin, GAPDH) HRP-DirecT – –3 vials 50 µL each


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