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Analyze CD8+ T cell responses to SARS-CoV-2 with our new MHC Class I QuickSwitch™  tetramer kit and peptides bundles.

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MHC Tetramers

MHC Tetramers and Monomers for high specificity immune monitoring.


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Tetramer Staining Guide

MBL International’s new Tetramer Staining Guide is a collection of protocols and data to help make your experiments a success.

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Class II Human Tetramer Kits

Novel kit for creating your own custom human Class II MHC Tetramers.

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In Vivo Isotype Control Antibodies

CrownVivo™ in vivo isotype control antibodies are highly concentrated, low endotoxin, no preservatives, and available in bulk quantities.

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Press Release: Woburn, MA – July 28, 2021, MBL International Launches QuickSwitch™ Class II Custom MHC Tetramer Kits

Product Data Sheets Not Included With Shipment:

Currently, MBLI products are delivered with the product data sheet included in the package. This is an announcement that we will stop including the product data sheet in the package for certain products. It will be applied sequentially to batches manufactured after April 2022 for some products. You can download the product data sheet from our website whenever you need. Allow us to apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Label Change Announcement:

Many of our products currently utilize clear-color vial tube labels. We will be changing the color of the labels to white for production lots manufactured after February 1, 2022. The product description written on the label and product itself will not be changed.

Customer Update – COVID-19

MBL International has been actively monitoring COVID-19 developments and want to assure you that the safety of our team and our customers is our primary focus. The COVID-19 pandemic presents a very fluid situation with challenges for each of us.

Learn more about how MBL International is responding to the safety of our employees and needs of our customers.

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  • The Impact of In Vivo Isotype Controls on Therapeutic Drug Development

    Tue, 02 Aug 2022 16:07:46 GMTBy: (Beata Boczkowska, Ph.D.)

    The significance of antibody based in vivo studies  
    For both research and therapeutic purposes, antibodies can be used to affect cellular processes in vivo and referred to as functional/in vivo grade antibodies. There is a wide range of applications of in vivo antibody studies. Depletion antibody based in vivo studies use surface makers like CD8 or CD4 to deplete immune cell to understand the cellular function exerted by these cell types. Other uses of in vivo grade antibodies are for activation of cellular pathways by binding to cell surface receptors or ligand such as OX-40 or Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF). These applications are typically used for investigating signaling pathways and the outcome of downstream cellular processes such as triggering apoptosis and membrane destruction or immune cell activation. Alternatively, in vivo grade antibodies are utilized for inhibition of cellular function by blocking a receptor or ligand to stop its effect within the body as with PD-1 blocks exhaustion markers in turn allows for subsequent favored immune activation. As a result of antibody based in vivo studies, there is a remarkable increase in the development of monoclonal antibodies to treat several diseases like multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and different cancers. Consequently, there is a need to highlight antibody-based studies and stress the importance of appropriate controls, especially in vivo studies. Read more
  • Stop Crying in the Lab: How Cry Antibodies Can Help Your Research

    Wed, 16 Jun 2021 12:45:47 GMTBy: (Deane Buckley)

    Figure: Schematic representation of feedback loop involving CLOCK-BMAL1 complex and CRY and PER proteins involved in creating circadian rhythms.
    Tiredness and frustration often mount after long nights in the lab. Why can’t our bodies adjust and allow us to maintain our energy through the night? The answer lies in our circadian rhythms. Circadian rhythms are the daily cycle of biological processes such as wakefulness and metabolism1. Many proteins are involved in regulating our circadian rhythms including CRY proteins. This blog post will catch you up on these proteins and their vital role in regulating circadian rhythms. Read more
  • Why should you use Isotype Control Antibodies

    Thu, 18 Mar 2021 20:17:21 GMTBy:

    Good experimental design is key to accurate and precise drug development. Isotype control antibodies, designed and deployed properly, optimize study performance and data analysis in therapeutic antibody research.
    What are Isotype Control Antibodies?

    Isotype control antibodies are negative controls used to accurately measure antibody drug effects and efficacy for in vitro and in vivo monoclonal antibody (mAb) studies. Isotype controls match the test/primary antibody characteristics, but are raised against antigens not found in common preclinical species; this means that isotype controls lack specificity for the target antigen.
    In both in vivo and in vitro assays, a signal can result from various binding events. In order to accurately interpret assay results, it is critical to differentiate between binding events such as:

    mAb binding in an antigen-dependent specific manner.
    mAb binding in a non-antigen dependent manner, due to interaction with Fc receptors (FcR) or other proteins.

    Isotype control antibodies provide an ideal negative control for mAb efficacy studies, enabling researchers to accurately distinguish between non-specific background and specific antibody signal. Read more

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