Code No.DescriptionCloneIsotypeApplicationsSize
M185-3LAnti-DDDDK-tag mAbFLA-1Mouse IgG2akWB, IP, FCM, ICC1mg/1mL
M185-3LLAnti-DDDDK-tag mAbFLA-1Mouse IgG2akWB, IP, FCM, ICC1mg.1mL x5
M185-3BAnti-DDDDK-tag mAb FLA-1 Mouse igG2ak WB, IP, FCM, ICC50 µg/50 µL
M185-6 Anti-DDDDK-tag-mAb-Biotin FLA-1 Mouse IgG2ak WB, ELISA 50 µL
M185-7 Anti-DDDDK-tag-mAb-HRP-DirecTFLA-1 Mouse IgG2ak WB 200 µL
M185-10 Anti-DDDDK-tag-mAb-Magnetic Agarose FLA-1 Mouse IgG2ak IP 100 tests (Gel: 1mL) 
M185-11 Anti-DDDDK-tag-mAb-Magnetic Beads FLA-1 Mouse IgG2ak IP 20 tests (Slurry: 1mL)
M185-A48 Anti-DDDDK-tag-mAb-Alexa Fluor® 488FLA-1 Mouse IgG2ak FCM, ICC100 µg/100µL
M185-A59 Anti-DDDDK-tag-mAb-Alexa Fluor® 594FLA-1 Mouse IgG2ak ICC100 µg/100µL 
M185-A64 Anti-DDDDK-tag-mAb-Alexa Fluor® 647FLA-1 Mouse IgG2ak FCM, ICC100 µg/100µL 

High Sensitivity and high affinity. Can be used in a wide variety of applications. 

Code No.DescriptionCloneIsotypeApplicationsSize
PM020Anti-DDDDK-tag pAbPolyclonalRabbit Ig (Affinity Purified)WB, IP, ICC100µL
PM020-7Anti-DDDDK-tag pAb-HRP-DirecTPolyclonalRabbit Ig (Affinity Purified)WB100µL
PM020-8Anti-DDDDK-tag pAb-AgarosePolyclonalRabbit Ig (Affinity Purified)IPGel: 200µL


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