Code No.DescriptionCloneIsotypeApplicationsSize
D291-3Anti-His-tag mAbOGHisMouse IgG2aκWB, IP, FCM, ICC200 µg/200µL
D291-3SAnti-His-tag mAbOGHisMouse IgG2aκWB, IP, FCM, ICC50 µg/50 µL
D291-6Anti-His-tag-mAb-BiotinOGHisMouse IgG2aκELISA50 µg/50 µL
D291-7Anti-His-tag-mAb-HRP-DirecTOGHisMouse IgG2aκWB50 µL
D291-8Anti-His-tag mAb-AgaroseOGHisMouse IgG2aκIPGel: 200 µL
D291-10Anti-His-tag mAb-Magnetic AgaroseOGHisMouse IgG2aκIP20 tests (Gel:200 µL)
D291-11Anti-His-tag mAb-Magnetic BeadsOGHisMouse IgG2aκIP20 tests (Slurry:1mL)
D291-A48Anti-His-tag mAb-Alexa Fluor® 488OGHIsMouse IgG2aκFCM, ICC50 µg/50 µL
D291-A59Anti-His-tag mAb-Alexa Fluor® 594OGHisMouse IgG2aκICC50 µg/50 µL
D291-A64Anti-His-tag mAb-Alexa Fluor® 647OGHisMouse IgG2aκFCM, ICC50 µg/50 µL

High specificity. Can be used for cell staining regardless of the His-tagged position.

Code No. DescriptionCloneCloneApplicationsSize
M136-3Anti-His-tag mAb2D8Mouse IgG2bIP100 µg/100µL

Great Performance in IP.

Code No.DescriptionCloneIsotypeApplicationsSize
M089-3Anti-His-tag mAb6C4Mouse IgG1WB100 µg/100 µL
Code No.DescriptionCloneIsotypeApplicationsSize
PM032Anti-His-tag pAbPolyclonalRabbit Ig (Affinity Purified)WB, IP100 µL
PM032-8Anti-His-tag pAb-AgarosePolyclonalRabbit Ig (Affinity Purified)IPGelL 200 µL

Reacts with N-terminal and C-terminal.


Purification and enzymatic activity of N-terminal His-tagged ß-galactosidase

Code No.DescriptionDescription
3310His-tagged Protein PURIFICATION KIT20 tests
3310AHis-tagged Protein PURIFICATION Trial Kit2 tests
3311His-tagged Protein PURIFICATION GELgel 1 mL x 1, peptide 2 mg x 5
3312His-tagged Protein PURIFICATION GELgel 1 mL x 5, peptide 2 mg x 25
3310-205His-tag peptide (XXX-(6xHis)-XXX2 mg x 5


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