Smart IP

Smart IP:  Fast and Effective IP

Smart-IP is a line of highly specific tag antibodies conjugated to magnetic beads or magnetic agarose beads designed for faster immunoprecipitation.  Smart-IP improves efficiency by reducing time-consuming steps such as centrifugation.  The magnetic beads and magnetic agarose beads can be easily isolated using a magnetic rack. The supernatant can also be extracted with minimal sample loss resulting in high yields of your target position.

  • High protein recovery
  • No pre-clear step
  • Complete removal of supernatant
  • Ready to use         
epitope tag
Epitope Tag

Description of Each Conjugate

Magnetic BeadsMagnetic AgaroseAgarose
Applications IP IP, Purification IP, Purification
Bead Diameter 1.5 μm 50 μm  100 μm
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ProsAlmost no sample lossEasy to see the beadsEasy to disperse, can be used for screeningLarge amount of IgG/per beadsLess sample lossEasy to see the beadsLarge amount of IgG/per beadsNo need of magnetic rackLower cost
ConsSmall amount of IgG/per beadsMagnetic rack will be needed Magnetic rack will be neededMight lose sample during the washHard to see the gel

Product List by Epitope Tag

Epitope TagClonalityClone NumberIsotypeSizesCode No.: Conjugate to Magnetic BeadsCode No.: Conjugated to Magnetic AgaroseCode No.: Conjugated to Agaraose
DDDDKMonoclonalFLA-1Mouse IgG2ak1 mLM185-11M185-103325
GFPMonoclonalRQ2Rat IgG2ak1 mLD153-11D153-10D153-8
HAMonoclonal5D8Mouse IgG1k1 mLM132-11M132-103320
HAMonoclonalTANA2Mouse IgG2bk1 mLM180-11M180-10 
HisMonoclonalOGHis Mouse IgG2ak1 mLD291-11D291-10D291-8
MycMonoclonalPL14Mouse IgG1k1 mLM047-11M047-10M047-8
RFPMonoclonal3G5Mouse IgG1k1 mLM165-11M165-8
V5Monoclonal1H6Mouse IgG2ak1 mL M167-11M167-103315

Trial sizes available, contact us for details.


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