Code No.DescriptionCloneIsotypeApplications Size
M192-3Anti-Myc-tag mAbMy3Mouse IgG2bκWB, IP, FCM, ICC200 µg/200 µL
M192-3SAnti-Myc-tag mAbMy3Mouse IgG2bκWB, IP, FCM, ICC50 µg/50 µL
M192-6Anti-Myc-tag mAb-BiotinMy3Mouse IgG2bκWB, ELISA50 µL
M192-7Anti-Myc-tag mAb-HRP-DirecTMy3Mouse IgG2bκWB100 µL

Beats clone 9E10 in sensitivity.

Code No.DescriptionCloneIsotypeApplicationsSize
562Anti-Myc-tag pAbPolyclonalRabbit IgGWB, IP, ICC, IH*, ELISA*, ChIP*100 µL
562-5Anti-Myc-tag pAbPolyclonalRabbit IgGWB, IP, ICC, IH*, ELISA*, ChIP*500 µL

 *Reported in articles. 

Code No. DescriptionCloneIsotypeApplicationsSize
M047-3Anti-Myc-tag mAbPL14Mouse IgG1κWB, IP, ICC, RIP*200 µg/100 µL
M047-7Anti-Myc-tag mAb-HRP-DirecTPL14Mouse IgG1κWB100 µL
M047-8Anti-Myc-tag mAb-AgarosePL14Mouse IgG1κIPGel: 200 µL
M047-10Anti-Myc-tag mAb-Magnetic AgarosePL14Mouse IgG1κIP20 tests (Gel: 200 µL)
M047-11Anti-Myc-tag mAb-Magnetic BeadsPL14Mouse IgG1κIP20 tests (Slurry: 1mL)
M047-A48Anti-Myc-tag mAb-Alexa Fluor® 488PL14Mouse IgG1κFCM, ICC100 µg/100 µL
M047-A59Anti-Myc-tag mAb-Alexa Fluor® 594PL14Mouse IgG1κICC100 µg/100 µL
M047-A64Anti-Myc-tag mAb-Alexa Fluor® 647PL14Mouse IgG1κFCM, ICC100 µg/100 µL

 *Reported in articles. 

Can be used in a wide variety of applications. 

Code No. DescriptionSize
3305c-Myc-tagged Protein MILD PURIFICATION KIT Ver. 220 tests
3305Ac-Myc-tagged Protein MILD PURIFICATION KIT Ver. 2 (Trial Kit)2 tests
3306c-Myc-tagged Protein MILD PURIFICATION GELgel 1 mL, peptide 1 mg
3307c-Myc-tagged Protein MILD PURIFICATION GELgel 1 mL x 5, peptide 1 mg x 5
3306Kc-Myc-tagged Protein PURIFICATION CARTRIDGE1 mL x 1
3300-205c-Myc-tag peptide (EQKLISEEDL)1 mg x 5
3340c-Myc-tagged Protein Magnetic Purification Kit1 kit
3340A c-Myc-tagged Protein Magnetic Purification Kit (Trial Kit)1 kit


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