Detection of DNA Fragmentation in Apoptosis

The TdT-mediated dUTP-biotin nick end labeling method (TUNEL method) enables in situ visualization of DNA fragmentation at the single cell level by labeling the terminal ends of nucleic acids. The MEBSTAIN Apoptosis Kit Direct is an apoptosis detection kit based on the TUNEL method. The main advantage of this rapid and simple procedure is the use of fluorescein-dUTP to label DNA strand breaks. This allows the direct detection of DNA fragmentation. It is a more sensitive method than conventional morphological techniques.

DNA fragmentation

MEBSTAIN Apoptosis TUNEL Kit Product

Code No.NameSizeNotes
8445MEBSTAIN Apoptosis TUNEL Kit DirectFCM:66 tests/stain:40 testsHighly Cited

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