Apoptotic Products

MBL International offers over 600 products including proteins, antibodies and kits to aid in the study of the apoptotic pathway. These products cover a wide variety of applications.

Anti-Fas/CD95 mAb

Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometric analysis of human Fas expression on normal human lymphocyte. Open histogram indicates the reaction of isotypic control to the cells. Shaded histogram indicates the reaction of MD-11-3 to the cells.
(Code No. MD-11-3)

Anti-ASC mAb


Immunoprecipitation of ASC from HL-60 with D086-3 (1,3) and normal mouse IgG (2,4). After immunoprecipitated with the antibody, immunocomplex was resolved on SDS-PAGE and immunoblotted with D086-3 (1,2) or normal mouse IgG (3,4).
(Code No. D086-3)

Anti-VDUP1/Txnip mAb


Western blot analysis of Txnip/VDUP1 expression in Raji (1), K562 (2), KG1 (3), MRC5 (4), IC2Tr (5), HEL (6), P19 (7), and WR19L (8) using K0205-3.
(Code No. K0205-3)

Apoptosis Antibodies

Code No.NameSpecies ReactivitiesApplicationsNotes
MD-11-3Anti-Fas (CD95) (Human) mAbHumanWB, FCM, NT 
D086-3Anti-ASC (TMS1) (Human) mAbHumanWB, IP, ICC, IHCHighly Cited
D199-3Anti-MFG-E8 (Mouse) mAbMouseWB, IHCHighly Cited
K0205-3Anti-Txnip (VDUP1) mAbHuman, MouseWB, IP, IHC 

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