Apoptosis is primarily induced by the activation of caspases. Active caspases recognize a large number of different substrates, leading to the activation of several different apoptotic pathways. The cleavage of several structural proteins by caspases leads to the unique apoptosis cell morphology of chromatin condensation, nuclear fragmentation and cytoplasmic integrity. The most common method to measure caspase activity is via fluorometric or colorimetric detection of the cleavage of caspase-specific substrates.

Measurement of Caspase-3 activity using APOPCYTO™ Caspase-3 Colorimetric Assay Kit (Code No. 4800)
Measurement of Caspase-3 activity using APOPCYTO™ Caspase-3 Fluorometric Assay Kit (Code No. 4815)

Cell: Jurkat
Caspase-3 activator: anti-Fas/CD95 (clone CH-11)
Caspase-3 inhibitor: DEVD-FMK

 Caspase Assay Products

Code No.NameSizeNotes
4800Caspase-3 Colorometric Assay Kit100 assaysHighly Cited
4805APOPCYTO Caspase-8 Colorimetric Assay Kit100 assays 
4810Caspase 9 Colorimetric Assay Kit100 assays 
4815APOPCYTO Caspase-3 Fluorometric Assay Kit100 assays 
4820Caspase 8 Fluorometric Assay Kit100 assays 
4825APOPCYTO Caspase-9 Fluorometric Assay Kit100 assays 

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