Autophagy is a cellular self-digestion process for the purpose of providing nutrients to allow for cell survival during stress conditions. Autophagy can be selective (mitophagy) or non-selective (nutrient poor). Autophagy plays an important role in maintaining the cell homeostasis by removing non-essential cell components. Recent research has also shown an association of mammalian autophagy with pathological conditions including neurodegenerative diseases, infection, cardiac disease, cancer and aging.


Antibodies against p62/SQSTM1


Detection of LC3 using PM036

Antibodies against p62/SQSTM1


Detection of p62-positive inclusion bodies in the human hepatocellular carcinoma using PM045

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Keima-Red for mitophagy detection in living cells

Mitophagy is the process of selective mitochondrial degradation by autophagy. It has been found to be involved in neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases as well as cancer.


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