Drug Discovery

MBL International Corporation offers comprehensive solutions for drug discovery including ELISA Kits, Protein-Protein Interaction and Fluorescent Proteins.

CycLex® series has a large variety of in vitro enzyme assay kits focused on research of novel genes related to drug discovery. Its target fields are protein kinase, phosphatase, acetylation/deacetylation, and protein modification. CircuLex™   series has ELISA kits which measure various disease marker candidates focused on metabolism and inflammation, such as PCSK9, S100 protein family, and so on. These Assay/ELISA kits are suitable for in vitro drug screening or target validation.

Cells consist of various elements such as nucleic acid, proteins and substructures. Moreover, functions are dynamically regulated by multiple signal transduction. Purified protein can provide some observation in drug discovery but the biological relevance of this information is not always clear.

drug discovery

In order to overcome this challenge, MBL International Corporation offers fluorescent protein-based drug discovery tools in living cells. Our novel technology, Fluoppi, can visualize Protein-Protein Interaction (PPI) of interest of living cells. Moreover, other product offerings such as Keima-Red and FUCCI, can visualize autophagy/mitophagy and cell cycle respectively. These technologies are applicable for cell-based drug screeing. 

CycLex Series

CycLex® brand products are 96 well plate based in vitro enzyme assay kits focused on research of novel genes related to drug discovery.  Its main target field is protein kinase, protein phosphatase, acetylation/deacetylation, and protein modification.  


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CircuLex series

CircuLex™ brand products are focused on assay kits for detecting disease-related markers. For example, lipid metabolism, adipocytokine/inflammation, S100 family proteins, and so on.


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Fluorescent Proteins

CoralHue® fluorescent proteins have been isolated from stony coral and emit a brilliant and stable fluorescence. MBLI highly recommends these exceptional fluorescent proteins for optical marking, labeling of subcellular structures, and protein migration.

MBLI is now offering fluorescent protein-based indicators such as Fluoppi for protein-protein interaction, FUCCI for cell cycle and Keima-Red for autophagy/mitophagy.

 FUCCI for cell cycle

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