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White Paper: The Importance of Using an Isotype Control

Isotype controls are essential tools in a range of in vivo efficacy and immunoassays and are appropriate negative controls for accurate measurement of antibody drug effects.

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White Paper: Role of the autophagy regulator Rubicon in the pathogenesis of fatty liver disease.

In 2016, Dr. Tanaka, Dr. Yoshimori, and their colleagues clarified that increased expression of Rubicon in liver causes fatty liver. This was the first report to demonstrate fatty liver is caused by suppression of autophagy in an acquired environment. In this white paper, they describe details of correlation between Rubicon and fatty liver disease.

White Papers

White Paper: Autophagy Research: Current Status and Future Perspectives

This white paper, authored by Dr. Noboru Mizushima of the University of Tokyo, describes the current state of autophagy research and future areas of research and drug discovery. He discusses the impact of the discovery of ATG genes in autophagy research, the role of autophagy in disease, and the development of therapeutics targeting the autophagy pathway.