Atg9 and Atg-2Atg18 complex

t is not known where the initiation of autophagy takes place, but in yeast, autophagosome formation is suggested to start at the pre-autophagosomeal structure (PAS). Atg9 is thought to be involved in the early phage of PAS formation, since many Atg proteins are not localized in the PAS in the budding yeast lacking ATG9. Atg2-Atg18 complex binds to Atg9 on the surface of the PAS. Atg18 is known to interact with PI3P, however, the function of Atg2-Atg18 complex remains to be elucidated. In the yeast with mutated ATG18 and ATG2, Atg9 is highly accumulated at the PAS. Meanwhile, Atg9 is not localized at the surface of autophagosome. These finding suggested there must be mechanisms for Atg9 to detach form the PAS surface. Atg2-Atg18 complex may be involved in this process.

Anti-Atg2A antibody:

Code No. PD041 (Polyclonal)

Anti-Atg9A antibody:

Code No. PD042 (Polyclonal)

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