MBLI develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of assay kits or their components to aid in the diagnosis or research in areas of infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, cancer, allergic disorders, cardiovascular diseases, and metabolic syndrome. For example, IL-18 (interleukin-18) is one of our exclusive portfolios for life science research. MBLI also provides reagents for quantifying PCSK9, which is secretory protein binding to receptor of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) to increase blood levels of LDL cholesterol thorough suppressing the uptake of LDL cholesterol to liver cells. Recently, we are focusing on several new fields such as epigenetic biomarkers and exosomes.

We have an extensive portfolio of products and materials related to ELISA and Immunofluorescence assays (IFA). Moreover, we have significant experience in developing molecular testing and chemiluminescence enzyme immunoassay (CLEIA) based assays for research of cancer, reproductive disorders, and autoimmune diseases. Many of these assays have been approved in Japan, USA, EU and Asian countries. Contact our business development team for your interest in collaborating with MBLI for assay development.

Portfolio of chemiluminescence assays

(Provided as antigen-conjugated magnetic beads and/or calibrators. Both are manufactured under GMP-area

  • dsDNA
  • ssDNA
  • Jo-1
  • CENP
  • SS-A
  • SS-B
  • Scl-70
  • Mitochondria M2
  • Sm
  • RNP
  • MPO (ANCA)
  • PR3 (ANCA) GBM
  • Dsg1
  • Dsg2
  • BP180
  • BP230
Portfolio of chemiluminescence assays