Innovating for the future

Life science research offers opportunities that provide wide-ranging benefits—realizing breakthrough technologies and products, creating spin-off products from peripheral technologies, and making real differences that can be felt in service industries.

Medical and Biological Laboratories Co. Ltd (MBL) was established in 1969 as Japan’s first antibody manufacturer. Through joint research with universities and network companies, we have provided autoimmune disease reagents with targets from protein molecules to genes in fields from immunology to molecular biology and epigenetics, as well as clinical reagents and genetic reagents centered on gynecologic diseases, and cancer, and infectious diseases. More recently, we have also been focusing on research and development in personalized medicine, including biomarkers, companion diagnostics, and regenerative medicine.

We are committed to developing products and services that extend from reagents for basic research in preemptive medicine and innovative clinical reagents for preemptive medicine, to novel disease therapies. MBL International Corporation, established in 1993, has a dedicated team of scientists and business development professionals interested in collaborating with pharmaceutical, biotechnology and clinical diagnostic companies to discuss how best to leverage our expertise in drug discovery, monoclonal antibody development, immune monitoring and clinical diagnostics.