Magnosphere™ Magnetic Beads

Magnetic beads are used for many different applications in the life sciences including immunoprecipitation, cell isolation, exosome analysis and more.  When compared with competitor products, Magnosphere™ magnetic beads have shown to have no iron oxide exposure and to have optimal performance in Chemiluminescence enzyme immunoassay.

Key Properties

  • Core shell structure and uniform particle diameter
  • Surface hydrophobic or hydrophilic property
  • Low iron exposure
  • Higher signal
  • Faster magnetic response

Magnosphere™ Product Offerings

Product CodeJ-MS-S160CJ-MS-X200CJ-MS-S300CJ-MS-S160TJ-MS-S300T
Size1.5 μm2.1 μm3.0 μm1.5 μm3.0 μm
Surface Carboxyl Density25 nmol/mg beads approx.5 nmol/mg beads approx.10 nmol/mg beads approx. 150 nmol/mg beads approx.80 nmol/mg beads approx.
Solid Content1% (10mg/mL)2% (20mg/mL)1% (10mg/mL)1% (10mg/mL)1% (10mg/mL)
Ligand CouplingCovalent couplingCovalent couplingCovalent couplingCovalent couplingCovalent coupling
Product CodeJ-MS-160SJ-MS-S300S
Size1.5 μm3.0 μm
Biotin Binding Capacity800 pmol/mg beads400-600 pmol/mg beads
Solid Content1% (10mg/mL)1% (10mg/mL)
ApplicationBiotinylated ligand coupling (immunoassay, DNA/RNA capture, Enzyme immobolization, etc.)Biotinylated ligand coupling (Immunoassay, DNA/RNA capture, Enzyme immobilization, etc.)

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