RiboCluster Profiler™ BRIC Kit

5-Bromouridine Immunoprecipitation Chase Kit for RNA stability and half-life analysis

Conventional RNA stability and half-life analysis methods in living cells are difficult to reproduce and often inaccurate. The RiboClusterProfiler™ BRIC Kit is based on pulse chase of BrU and immunoprecipitation that provides researchers with more reproducible and accurate results. Our kit enables researchers to complete their testing in fewer steps, less cytotoxicity and with all the necessary reagents in a convenient, ready-to-use format.

  • Investigate RNA metabolism in living cells
  • Drug target and biomarker discovery
  • Lower toxicity
  • Easy to use and reproducible

Assay procedure


 RNA half-life analysis in HeLa cells


RT-qPCR analysis for isolated RNA indicated that a stability of housekeeping genes such as 18S rRNA and ACTB (β-actin) is higher than mRNAs of HIF-1α (Hypoxia-inducible factor-1α) and ADM (Adrenomedullin).