MBL provides unique products for Epigenetic researchers. We strive to partner with leading researchers to advance new epigenetic technologies and applications. Our focus is on the Ribonomics Discovery Cycle, a process which allows for the discovery of Ribonucleoprotein (RNP) complexes and the RNAs or miRNAs which regulate one another. As we have exceled in RNA technology, we used our technical expertise to develop better products for the study of DNA, products for methylated DNA enrichment and 5hmC detection.

MBL is the first to offer products for RIP (RNP Immunoprecipitation), a technology intended for discovery of RNAs or miRNAs that are regulated by an RNA binding protein (RBP).

MBL is the only company providing a better methylated DNA enrichment kit. Unlike other kits, our enrichment system is based on MBD1, which provides consistent and higher enrichment. MBL is the first company to offer RiboTrap, a technology used to discover regulators of specific RNA.


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