ELISA Kits: Ab-Match Series

MBLI offers a cancer antigen detection sandwich ELISA kits called the Ab-Match series. These kits are ready-to-assemble ELISA kits. Assembly kits consist of capture antibody, assay standard and biotinylated detection antibody & streptavidin-HRP or HRP-labeled detection antibody. Universal kit consists of ELISA plate, capture antibody immobilization buffer, blocking buffer, sample dilution buffer, wash buffer (conc.), streptavidin-HRP dilution buffer, enzyme substrate and stop solution. These buffers are optimized to conduct sandwich ELISA kit using our Ab-Match series antibodies pairs.

Code No.AntigenSize
5321FAM3D96 wells
5335WFDC2 (HE4) 96 wells
5336LYPD6B 96 wells
5338Elafin (SKALP) 96 wells
5310 Universal96 tests
5322 NGAL96 tests
5323 PAP196 tests
5327 LECT296 wells
5328 LECT296 wells
5330 MICA96 wells
5331 MICB96 wells
5332 IL-3396 wells
5333 Neuropilin-1/CD30496 wells
5334 Insulin96 wells
5337 REG496 wells
5339 IL-3796 wells
5340 TERT96 wells
5342 Nectin-496 wells
5344 Galectin-996 wells
5346 AREG96 wells
5347 TGFα96 wells
5343TIE196 wells

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