ELISA Kits: Ab-Match Series

MBLI offers a cancer antigen detection sandwich ELISA kits called the Ab-Match series. These kits are ready-to-assemble ELISA kits. Assembly kits consist of capture antibody, assay standard and biotinylated detection antibody & streptavidin-HRP or HRP-labeled detection antibody. Universal kit consists of ELISA plate, capture antibody immobilization buffer, blocking buffer, sample dilution buffer, wash buffer (conc.), streptavidin-HRP dilution buffer, enzyme substrate and stop solution. These buffers are optimized to conduct sandwich ELISA kit using our Ab-Match series antibodies pairs.

Code No.AntigenSize
5310Universal96 tests
5321FAM3D96 wells
5323 PAP196 tests
5327LECT296 wells
5331MICB96 wells
5333Neuropilin-1/CD30496 wells
5340TERT96 wells

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