Prevalence of Anti-p53 Autoantibodies in Tumor Patients

p53 is an important factor in tumor suppression and is activated in response to cellular stress to induce cell cycle arrest or apoptosis. p53 mutants found in tumors are no longer functional as tumor suppressors, resulting in cell malignancies. The immune response in tumor patients correlates with the presence of p53 mutations, leading to the accumulation of ineffective p53 proteins in the tumor cells. Anti-p53 autoantibodies are produced in many types of tumors and can be more easily detected during early tumor stages compared to using conventional tumor maker detection. Autoantibody signatures in cancer such as anti-p53 antibodies are potential tumor markers.

Improved Detection of Cancer Rates Using MBLI’s ELISA Kit With Conventional ELISA

Anti-p53 ELISA TEST Kit

Code No.NameSize
RG-7640EMESACUP Anti-p53 ELISA TEST48 wells

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