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Simulating COVID-19 peptide presentation using the QuickSwitch™ MHC Platform

Join Dr. Yuri Poluektov, Research & Development Scientist, for a live webinar which will focus on the QuickSwitch™ MHC Platform, how it works and what the advantages are over regular tetramers. This presentation will also cover other interesting topics including:

*Identifying COVID-19 derived peptides presented to the immune system using QuickSwitch™

*MHC Class II QuickSwitch™ platform vs. MHC Class I QuickSwitch™ platform

Webinar Date and Time: Tuesday, July 13th at 12:00PM ET.

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Practical use of endoderm derived organoids generated from non-human primates

In this presentation Professor Ken Iwatsuki of Tokyo University of Agriculture focuses on organoids and organoids culture. In addition he presents choices of Wnt3a sources and research examples using organoids from monkeys as well as a discussion with the audience.

Best Practices for Antigen Specific T Cell Detection using MHC Tetramers

In this presentation we focus on using MHC tetramers for cell surface staining to detect antigen specific T cell populations. We will also cover many interesting topics including, sample preparation for cell staining, gating strategies for Flow Cytometry and techniques to ensure reduced background and high signal.

T Cell Dysfunction Assays; Functional characterization of immunomodulatory candidate drugs

Presented by Dr. Pirouz Daftarian and Dr. Eden Kleiman, Crown Bioscience

In this presentation you will learn about T cell dysfunction assays developed using our tetramer technology and more including:

  • Antigen specific CD4+ T cell responses for determining efficacy for candidate therapeutics
  • Antigen specific CD8+ T cell responses for determining efficacy for candidate therapeutics
  • Adenosine-based drug potency assay

Immune Monitoring with MHC Tetramers and QuickSwitch™ Rapid Tetramer Technology

Presented by Dr. Marc Delcommenne, MBL International

In this presentation you will learn about our immune monitoring technologies and more including:

  • Human MHC Class I Tetramers
  • QuickSwitch™ Quant Tetramer Assays
  • New COVID-19 Products