QuickSwitch™ Quant HLA-A*24:02 Tetramer Kit-PE



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QuickSwitch™ Tetramer Kit utilizes a patented technique for exchanging up to ten peptides on an MHC class I tetramer. Reduce time and cost with this kit to create your own custom tetramers.  The resulting custom tetramers can be used for multiple applications, including screening immunogenic peptides.

Target: Custom
Product Type: Tetramer
Size: 1 kit
Application: FCM
Research Area / Disease: Immune Monitoring, Immunology
Class: Class I
Allele: HLA-A*24:02
Peptide Sequence: Custom
Conjugate: PE
Species Reactivity: Human
Specificity: Custom
Regulatory Statement: For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


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Code TB-7302-K1
Product Type Tetramer
Size 1 kit
Application FCM