Protein Purification/Separation Reagents


There are times proteins of interest need to be isolated from a biological sample in order to further characterize it and/or use it in downstream assays to determine its function.  There are many techniques that can be used to isolate the protein of interest.  The tools that are used for protein purification or protein separation can make a big difference in the resulting purified protein sample.  Ideally, there will be a high yield of purified protein with very little or no artifacts of other proteins present in the isolated sample.  Also, it’s important for the protein to retain its native conformation.  The purification technique used should avoid denaturation so all characterization and functional protein studies are valid and accurate.  MBL International is proud to provide tools to meet the various needs of each unique protein that requires purification/separation assays.  The tools we offer are popular among researchers because they are easy to use, maintain native conformation, and produce high quality and yield of their protein of interest.


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