Epigenetics Research Reagents


The epigenetics field continues to gain significance as we discover there are more causes to DNA mutations outside of hereditary contribution.  Gene expression that is turned on/ off due to external factors, such as environment or diet, continue to  draw researchers to discover exactly how these genes become altered.

To assist in the research of epigenetics, MBL International  focuses on the Ribonomics Discovery Cycle, a process which allows for the discovery of Ribonucleoprotein (RNP) complexes and the RNAs or miRNAs which regulate one another. We are the first to offer products for RIP (RNP Immunoprecipitation), a technology intended for discovery of RNAs or miRNAs that are regulated by an RNA binding protein (RBP). We are also the first company to offer RiboTrap, a technology used to discover regulators of specific RNA.  Find tools to help advance your epigenetic research today.


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