Anti-monomeric Kusabira-Orange 2 pAb (Polyclonal Antibody)



CoralHue® Kusabira-Orange (KO) has been cloned from the stony coral, whose Japanese name is “Kusabira-ishi”. Wild-type CoralHue® KO forms a brightly fluorescent dimer. CoralHue® KO has been carefully engineered to form a monomer, CoralHue® monomeric Kusabira Orange 1 (mKO1) that maintains the brilliance and pH stability of the parent protein. CoralHue® mKO2 is the mutant of mKO1 and has a feature of the rapid maturation. It absorbs light maximally at 551 nm and emits orange light at 565 nm. CoralHue® mKO2 can be used to label proteins or subcellular structures, or for reporter assay.

Target: Kusabira-Orange 2
Product Type: Antibody
Size: 100 µl
Application: IC, IH, IP, WB
Research Area / Disease: Fluorescent Proteins
Conjugate: Unlabeled
Antibody Type: Polyclonal
Formulation: 100 µL volume of PBS containing 50% glycerol, pH 7.2. No preservative is contained.
Isotype: Affinity Purified IgG
Immunogen: Recombinant mKO2
Host Species: Rabbit
Source: This antibody was purified from rabbit serum using affinity column. The rabbit was immunized with recombinant monomeric Kusabira-Orange 2.
Reactivity: This antibody reacts with monomeric Kusabira-Orange 2 on Western blotting, Immunoprecipitation, Immunocytochemistry and Immunohistochemistry.
Storage Temperature: -20°C
Regulatory Statement: For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


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Code PM051M
Product Type Antibody
Size 100 µl
Application IC, IH, IP, WB