QuickSwitch™ Custom Tetramer Kits


MBL International offers QuickSwitch™ Custom Tetramers kit for you to create your own custom tetramer.  This kit is supplied with a tetramer bound with an irrelevant peptide.  After adding a peptide exchange factor and your peptide of interest, peptide exchange will occur if there is binding affinity of the peptide with the MHC molecule.  By using the QUANT kit, you can quantify the amount of exchange that occurred, thereby gathering binding affinity information for the MHC/peptide complex.  This kit can be used to create custom tetramers, or for screening peptides, all in one day.  QuickSwitch™ is an assay system that allows discrimination of MHC binding from non-binding peptides.

This is particularly essential for the screening of immunogenic peptides from infectious agents or cancer neoantigens.  Tetramers resulting from peptide exchange with selected peptides can then be used for immune monitoring.  Functional screening of peptides for MHC Class I or MHC Class II binding is essential for vaccine design and immune monitoring.

Class I

Product Description Allele Conjugates Available
QuickSwitch™ Quant HLA-A*01:01 Tetramer Kit HLA-A*01:01  PEAPCBV421
QuickSwitch™ Quant HLA-A*02:01 Tetramer Kit HLA-A*02:01 PEAPCBV421
QuickSwitch™ Quant HLA-A*03:01 Tetramer Kit HLA-A*03:01 PEAPCBV421
QuickSwitch™ Quant HLA-A*11:01 Tetramer Kit HLA-A*11:01 PEAPCBV421
QuickSwitch™ Quant HLA-A*24:02 Tetramer Kit HLA-A*24:02 PE, APCBV421
QuickSwitch™ Quant HLA-B*07:02 Tetramer Kit HLA-B*07:02 PE, APCBV421
QuickSwitch™ Quant H-2 Kb Tetramer Kit H-2Kb PEAPCBV421
QuickSwitch™ HLA-A*02:01 Peptide Screening Kit HLA-A*02:01

Class II

Product Description  Allele Conjugates Available
QuickSwitch™ Quant HLA-DRB1*01:01 Tetramer Kit HLA-DRB1*01:01 PE, APC, BV421
QuickSwitch™ Quant HLA-DRB1*04:01 Tetramer Kit HLA-DRB1*04:01 PE, APC, BV421
QuickSwitch™ Quant HLA-DRB1*15:01 Tetramer Kit HLA-DRB1*15:01 PE, APC, BV421


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