Anti-RFP mAb Cocktail

  • Applications
    • FCM
    • ICC
    • IP
    • WB
  • Target RFP
  • Host Species Mouse
  • Code # M208-3
  • Size 50 µl
  • Price

Alternative Names

Red fluoresncent protein


Expression vector containing a tag sequence is commonly used to introduce and express a specific gene into a target cell. Red Fluorescent Protein (RFP) fusion protein expression system is preferably used in various laboratories, because it’s easy monitoring of fusion proteins. This specific antibody for RFP is useful tool for monitoring of the fusion protein expression.
  • Antibody Type:
  • Application:
    FCM, ICC, IP, WB
  • Clone Number:
    1G9,3G5 (mixed)
  • Conjugate:
  • Description:

    Monoclonal Antibody of 50 µl targeting RFP for WB,IP,FCM,ICC.

  • Formulation:
    1 mg/mL in PBS/50% glycerol, pH 7.2
  • Host Species:
  • Immunogen:
    RFP recombinant protein
  • Isotype:
    IgG2b κ, IgG2a κ
  • Product Type:
  • Reactivity:
    This clone reacts with RFP, DsRed, mCherry, mOrange and mPlumn. It does not cross-reactwith GFP.
  • Research Area:
    Fluorescent Proteins
  • Short Description:

    RFP Cocktail Monoclonal Antibody.

  • Size:
    50 µl
  • Storage Temperature:
  • Target: