Anti-IL-18 receptor 1 (Clone 44G6) (Human) mAb

  • Applications
    • FCM
  • Target IL-18
  • Host Species Mouse
  • Species Reactivities Human
  • Code # M159-3
  • Size 100 μg
  • Price

Alternative Names

interleukin 18 (interferon-γ-inducing factor), IGIF, IL1F4, IL-1g, IL-18


IL-18 is a proinflammatory cytokine that can synergize with IL-12 to increase IFN-γ production, NK cell cytotoxity, and Th1 responses, and involves in chronic inflammation, autoimmune diseases, and a variety of cancers. The receptor of IL-18 is a complex of two polypeptide chains, IL-18 receptor 1 (IL-18R1/IL-18Rα/CD218a) and IL-18 receptor accessory protein (IL-18Rap/IL-18 receptor β/CD218b). Both chain are essential for IL-18 signal transduction. IL-18R1 is a glycosylated membrane protein of 60-100 kDa expressed on variety of cells containing Th1 cells, NK cells, renal epithelial cells and prostate cancer cells. It is a member of IL-1 receptor family and works as ligand binding chain of IL-18R complex.
  • Antibody Type:
  • Application:
  • Clone Number:
  • Concentration:
    1 mg/mL
  • Conjugate:
  • Description:

    Monoclonal Antibody of 100 μg targeting IL-18 for FCM.

  • Formulation:
    100 μg IgG in 100 μl volume of PBS containing 50% glycerol, pH 7.2. No preservative is contained.
  • Gene ID (Human):
  • Gene ID (Mouse):
  • Gene ID (Rat):
  • Host Species:
  • Immunogen:
    Extracellular domain of human IL-18R1 (1-329 aa)
  • Isotype:
    IgG1 ĸ
  • Product Type:
  • Reactivity:
    This antibody reacts with human IL-18R1 on Flow cytometry.
  • Research Area:
  • Short Description:

    IL-18 Monoclonal Antibody.

  • Size:
    100 μg
  • Species Reactivity:
  • Storage Temperature:
  • Target:
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