TrkB Polyclonal Antibody

  • Applications
    • IF
    • WB
  • Target TrkB
  • Species Reactivities Chicken, Human, Mouse, Rat
  • Code # JM-3593-100
  • Size 100 µg
  • Price

Alternative Names

NTRK2, GP145-TrkB, TRKB, Trk-B, tyrosine receptor kinase


Due to the various splice variants, the trk proteins exist as variably glycosylated entities with the major forms having molecular weights of 140-145 kDa, 110 kDa and the unglycosylated form of 80 kDa. trkB contains 33.3% carbohydrate by weight representing modification on 10 of 12 N-glycosylation sites. The primary ligand for trkB is BDNF which induces the phosphorylation of the protein and subsequent binding of PLC-gamma via SH2 domains. TrkB may function to modulate neuronal responses to the neurotrophins acting throμgh trkB such as BDNF.
  • Antibody Type:
  • Application:
    IF, WB
  • Concentration:
    0.2 mg/ml
  • Conjugate:
  • Description:
    TrkB Primary Antibody of 100 µg.
  • Product Type:
  • Research Area:
  • Short Description:
    TrkB Primary Antibody.
  • Size:
    100 µg
  • Species Reactivity:
    Chicken, Human, Mouse, Rat
  • Storage Temperature:
  • Target: