Active Human Calpain I

  • Target Calpain I
  • Code # JM-1134-100
  • Size 100 µg
  • Price

Alternative Names

Active Human Calpain I, Human CAPN1, Human Calpain-1, Calpain-1, active calpain


Ca2+ -dependent cysteine proteinase with low Ca2+ requirement (half maximal activation = 2 µM). Participates in the ATP release reaction of platelets stimulated with thrombin. Involves in apoptosis activation.
  • Description:
    Calpain I Protein of 100 µg.
  • Product Type:
    Recombinant Protein
  • Purity:
    ≥95% by SDS Page
  • Research Area:
    Cell Biology
  • Short Description:
    Calpain I Protein.
  • Size:
    100 µg
  • Storage Temperature:
  • Target:
    Calpain I