Magnosphere™ MS300/Carboxyl

Immunoassay, Immunoprecipitation-Western blot, nucleic acid hybridization



Magnosphere™ MS300/Carboxyl beads are magnetic microparticles designed for bioseparation. Their surfaces are covered with a JSR Life Sciences proprietary hydrophilic polymer, on which carboxy group is incorporated as an active group. The carboxy group makes it possible to immobilize ligands containing -NH2 groups such as antibody or DNA through an amino coupling method. These chemistries enable ligands to keep their function high and achieve a high yield and low non-specific binding bioseparation. These characters of the Magnosphere™ MS300/Carboxyl beads are ideal for a variety of applications such as enzyme immunoassay, immunoprecipitation, IP-western, and DNA hybridization, Use of Magnosphere™ MS300/Low Carboxyl is also recommended for ultimately sensitive assay like a LC-MS assay of Immunoprecipitation.


Target: Magnetic particle
Product Type: Beads
Size: 4 mL
Research Area / Disease: Magnetic particle
Surface Charge Density: 10 nmol/mg bead approx.
Bead Magnetite Content: 20 % approx.
Regulatory Statement: For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
Code J-MS-S300C
Product Type Beads
Size 4 mL