Anti-CD29 (Integrin β1) (Human) mAb (Monoclonal Antibody)

  • Applications
    • FCM
    • IP
    • WB
  • Target Integrin β1
  • Host Species Mouse
  • Species Reactivities Human
  • Code # D050-3
  • Size 100 μg
  • Price


The integrin family of adhesion molecules participate in important cell-cell and cell-extracellular matrix interactions in a diverse range of biological processes. Integrins are heterodimers consisting of a α subunit and β subunit. Both α and β subunits are transmembrane proteins with large extracellular domains (>100 kDa for α subunit and >75 kDa for β subunit) that interact with extracellular matrix proteins and relatively small cytoplasmic domains (50 amino acids or less, except for the β4 subunit) that interact with cytoskeletal proteins. The adhesiveness of integrins is dynamically regulated in response to cytoplasmic signals, termed “inside-out” signaling. It has been reported that, upon ligand binding, integrins regulate many intracellular signaling pathways that involve cytoplasmic alkalization, intracellular Ca2+ fluctuation, inositol lipid metabolism, protein kinase C, MAP kinase and phosphatidyl inositol kinase. Anti-integrin monoclonal antibody, AG89, reacts with CD29/integrin β1 chain regardless of the subunit. AG89 can recognize resting site β1 integrin on the cells, but the reactivity is increased ~2-fold upon integrin activation by anti-activating β1 antibodies and ~3-fold by Mn2+. Furthermore, occupation of the ligand-binding pocket by a soluble ligand (RGD peptide for α5β1 and CS-1 peptide for α4β1) resulted in maximum binding of AG89. The epitope for AG89 lies within residues 426-587.
  • Antibody Type:
  • Application:
    FCM, IP, WB
  • Clone Number:
  • Conjugate:
  • Description:
    Monoclonal antibody of 100 μg targeting Integrin β1 for FCM, IPP, WB.
  • Formulation:
    This antibody is lyophilized form. Prepare a stock solution by dissolving the lyophilized antibody in 100 mL of distilled water. After reconstitution, the IgG concentration shoµld be 1 mg/mL in PBS (pH 7.2) /1% sucrose. No preservative is contained.
  • Gene ID (Human):
  • Gene ID (Mouse):
  • Host Species:
  • Immunogen:
    G-361 (human melanoma cells)
  • Isotype:
  • Product Type:
  • Reactivity:
    This antibody reacts with humanβ1-Integrin on Flow cytometry.
  • Research Area:
    Cell Biology
  • Short Description:
    Integrin β1 Monoclonal Antibody.
  • Size:
    100 μg
  • Species Reactivity:
  • Storage Temperature:
    -20°C. Please refer to datasheet for additional information
  • Target:
    Integrin β1
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