Anti-IL-18 (Clone 25-2G) (Human) mAb

  • Applications
    • IHC
    • WB
  • Target IL-18
  • Host Species Mouse
  • Species Reactivities Human
  • Code # D043-3
  • Size 100 μl
  • Price

Alternative Names

interleukin 18 (interferon-γ-inducing factor)


Interleukin 18 (IL - 18) is a n 18 kDa cytokine which identified as a c ostimulatory factor for production of interferon - γ (IFN - γ ) in response to toxic shock and shares functional similarities with IL - 12. IL - 18 is synthesized as a precursor 24 kDa molecule without a signal peptide and must be cleaved to produce an active molec ule. IL - 1 converting enzyme (ICE, Caspase - 1) cleaves pro - IL - 18 at aspartic acid in the P1 position, producing the mature, bioactive peptide that is readily released from the cells. It is reported that IL - 18 is produced from Kupffer cells, activated macroph ages, keratinocytes, intestinal epithelial cells, osteoblasts, adrenal cortex cells and murine diencephalon. IFN - γ is produced by activated T or NK cells and plays critical roles in the defense against microbiral pathogens. IFN - γ activates macrophages, enhances NK activity and B cell maturation, proliferation and Ig secretion, induces MHC class I and II antigens, and inhibits osteoclast activation. IL - 18 acts on T helper type - 1 (Th1) T cells and in combination with IL - 12 strongly induces them to produce IFN - γ . Pleiotropic effects of IL - 18 has also been reported, such as, enhancement production of IFN - γ and GM - CSF in p eripheral blood mononuclear cells, production of Th1 cytokines, IL - 2, GM - CSF and IFN - γ in T cells, enhancement of Fas ligand expression by Th1 cells.
  • Antibody Type:
  • Application:
    IHC, WB
  • Clone Number:
  • Concentration:
    1 mg/mL
  • Conjugate:
  • Description:
    Monoclonal antibody of 100 µl targeting IL-18 for IHC, WB.
  • Formulation:
    100 µg IgG in 100 µl volume of PBS containing 50% glycerol, pH 7.2. No preservative is contained.
  • Gene ID (Human):
  • Gene ID (Mouse):
  • Host Species:
  • Immunogen:
    Recombinant human IL-18
  • Isotype:
  • Product Type:
  • Reactivity:
    This antibody reacts with human IL-18on Western blotting.
  • Research Area:
  • Short Description:
    IL-18 Monoclonal Antibody.
  • Size:
    100 μl
  • Species Reactivity:
  • Storage Temperature:
  • Target:
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