CircuLex 14-3-3 γ ELISA Kit

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    • ELISA
  • Code # CY-8082
  • Size 96 Assays
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14-3-3 proteins are a family of conserved regulatory molecules expressed in all eukaryotic cells. There are seven genes, β, γ, ε, σ, ζ, τ and η, that encode 14-3-3s in most mammals. 14-3-3 proteins have the ability to bind phospho-Ser/Thr motifs, as well as phosphorylation-independent interactions, on a multitude of functionally diverse signaling proteins, including kinases, phosphatases, and transmembrane receptors. The family dynamically regulates the activity of target proteins in various signaling pathways that control diverse physiological and pathological processes. More than 100 signaling proteins have been reported as 14-3-3 proteins’ targets. Either an abnormal state of 14-3-3 protein expression or dysregulation of 14-3-3/terget protein interactions contributes to the development of many human diseases. Clinical investigations have demonstrated a correlation between up-regulated 14-3-3 protein levels and poor survival of cancer patients. Several studies have also suggested that 14-3-3 isoforms are differentially regulated in cancer and neurological syndromes. Especially, elevated amounts of the gamma isoform (14-3-3 Gamma) are found in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) patients and could be as a specific marker of the disease as well as tau protein level.
  • Application:
  • Components:
    • Microplate
    • 10X Wash Buffer
    • Sample/Standard Dilution Buffer
    • 14-3-3 Gamma Standard
    • 00X 14-3-3 Gamma Detection Antibody
    • Detection Antibody Dilution Buffer
    • HRP conjugated Anti-IgG Antibody
    • Conjugate Dilution Buffer
    • Substrate Reagent
    • Stop Solution
  • Description:

    The CycLex Research Product CircuLex 14-3-3 Gamma ELISA Kit is used for the quantitative measurement of 14-3-3 γ (gamma isoform protein) in CSF (Cerebrospinal fluid), cell lysates and other biological samples in units of concentration. It can be used for 96 Assays.

  • Product Type:
    ELISA Kit
  • Research Area:
    Cell Biology
  • Short Description:

    CircuLex 14-3-3 γ ELISA Kit.

  • Size:
    96 Assays
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