CircuLex S100A14 ELISA Kit

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    • ELISA
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  • Size 96 Assays
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S100 proteins form a growing subfamily of proteins related by Ca2+-binding motifs to the EF hand Ca2+-binding protein superfamily. By analyzing a human lung cancer cell line subtractive cDNA library, Pietas et al. identified and characterized S100A14, which encodes a deduced 104-amino acids protein with 2 EF-hand Ca2+-binding domains, a myristoylation motif, a glycosylation site, and several potential protein kinase phosphorylation sites (1). It encodes an mRNA that is ubiquitously expressed in normal human tissues of epithelial origin. It has been demonstrated that S100A14 transcript is down-regulated in many immortalized and tumour cell lines from different tissues. In contrast, studies on human primary tumors, including lung and breast, revealed predominantly up-regulation of the gene at the mRNA and protein level. S100A14 shows heterogenic expression in tumors, demonstrating its overexpression in ovary, breast, and uterus tumors and under-expression in kidney, rectum, and colon tumors, a pattern suggesting distinct regulation with potentially important functions in malignant transformation. Using a proteomics approach to identify genes upregulated in breast cancer, followed by database analysis and PCR of a breast carcinoma cell line, Adam et al. cloned S100A14, which they called BCMP84. BCMP84 expression in normal tissue was restricted to stratified squamous epithelium of skin, cervix, and tonsil. Weak staining was seen in normal breast ductal tissue, but strong immunoreactivity was detected in 10 of 58 (17%) breast cancer tissues. BCMP84 was expressed in the plasma membrane of transiently transfected breast carcinoma cells (2).
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  • Components:
    • Microplate
    • 10X Wash Buffer
    • Dilution Buffer
    • Human S100P Standard
    • HRP conjugated Detection Antibody
    • Substrate Reagent
    • Stop Solution 
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    The CycLex Research Product CircuLex S100A14 ELISA Kit is used for the quantitative measurement of human S100A14 in cell lysate, cell culture medium and other biological media. It can be used for 96 Assays.

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    ELISA Kit
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    CircuLex S100A14 ELISA Kit.

  • Size:
    96 Assays
  1. Pietas, A.; Schluns, K.; Marenholz, I.; Schafer, B. W.; Heizmann, C. W.; Petersen, I.: Molecular cloning and characterization of the human S100A14 gene encoding a novel member of the S100 family. Genomics 79: 513-522, 2002.
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