CircuLex S100A11 ELISA Kit

CircuLex S100A11 ELISA Kit.



  • Microplate
  • 10X Wash Buffer
  • Dilution Buffer
  • Human S100P Standard
  • HRP conjugated Detection Antibody
  • Substrate Reagent
  • Stop Solution 


The CycLex Research Product CircuLex S100A11 ELISA Kit is used for the quantitative measurement of human S100A11 in serum, plasma, cell lysate and other biological media. It can be used for 100 assays.

Target: S100A11
Product Type: ELISA Kit
Size: 96 Assays
Application: ELISA
Research Area / Disease: Immunology, Neuroscience
Regulatory Statement: For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


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Code CY-8063
Product Type ELISA Kit
Size 96 Assays
Application ELISA