CircuLex S100A8/MRP8 ELISA Kit

CircuLex S100A8/MRP8 ELISA Kit.



The CycLex Research Product CircuLex S100A8/MRP8 ELISA Kit is used for the quantitative measurement of human S100A8/MRP8 in serum, plasma and other biological media. It can be used for 96 Assays.

Target: S100A8/MRP8
Product Type: ELISA Kit
Size: 96 Assays
Application: ELISA
Research Area / Disease: Immunology, Neuroscience
Sensitivity: better than 43.4 pg/ml of sample.
Measurement Range: Dilution factors need to be taken into consideration in calculating the human S100A8/MRP8 concentration. Results exceeding human S100A8/MRP8 level of 500 ng/ml should be repeated with diluted samples.
Regulatory Statement: For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


  • Microplate
  • 10X Wash Buffer
  • Dilution Buffer
  • Human S100P Standard
  • HRP conjugated Detection Antibody
  • Substrate Reagent
  • Stop Solution 


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    Code CY-8061
    Product Type ELISA Kit
    Size 96 Assays
    Application ELISA