CircuLex S100A8/MRP8 ELISA Kit

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  • Size 96 Assays
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S100A8/MRP8 and its hetero-dimerization partner S100A9/MRP14 belong to the low molecular weight calcium-binding protein, S100 family (1), they are composed of two distinct helix-loop-helix motifs (EF-hands) flanked by hydrophobic regions at either terminus and separated by a central hinge region. In human, 100A8 is usually co-expressed with S100A9. Both proteins are expressed during myeloid differentiation, are abundant in granulocytes and monocytes, and form heterodimeric complexes (2). Although a number of possible functions for S100A8-A9 heterocomplex, including antimicrobial activity, have been proposed, the exact role of these proteins in cell metabolism is still unclear. In human, they have been associated with several inflammatory diseases (3): elevated serum levels of S100A8 and S100A9 have been found in patients suffering from a number of inflammatory disorders including giant cell arteritis (4), cystic fibrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, dermatoses, chronic inflammatory bowel disease, chronic bronchitis (3), some malignancies and autoimmune diseases (5, 6). Both proteins are localized predominantly in the cytoplasm. It was demonstrated with human monocytes that both proteins are secreted by an energy-consuming pathway, which is dependent on an intact microtubule network and involves protein kinase C (7). It was shown that the expression of S100A8 is up regulated by anti-inflammatory mediators (8) and oxidative stress such as UVA and H2O2 (9). In addition, this protein seems to be a potent scavenger of hypochlorite (10). Thus this protein may regulate oxidative events associated with inflammation.
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  • Components:
    • Microplate
    • 10X Wash Buffer
    • Dilution Buffer
    • Human S100P Standard
    • HRP conjugated Detection Antibody
    • Substrate Reagent
    • Stop Solution 
  • Description:

    The CycLex Research Product CircuLex S100A8/MRP8 ELISA Kit is used for the quantitative measurement of human S100A8/MRP8 in serum, plasma and other biological media. It can be used for 96 Assays.

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    ELISA Kit
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    CircuLex S100A8/MRP8 ELISA Kit.

  • Size:
    96 Assays
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