CycLex® Cdi1/KAP Protein Phosphatase Fluorometric Assay Kit

  • Target Cdi1
  • Code # CY-1356
  • Size 100 Assays
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A Cdk-interacting protein called Cdi1 (cyclin-dependent kinase interactor 1)/KAP (kinase associated phosphatase) was first identified as a novel G1- and S-phase dual-specificity phosphatase that associates with Cdk2 and/or Cdc2 by the interaction trap, a yeast genetic selection for interacting proteins (1, 2). In yeast, Cdi1/KAP interacts with cyclin-dependent kinases, including human Cdc2, Cdk2 and Cdk3, but not with Cdk4. In HeLa cells, Cdi1/KAP is expressed at the G1 to S transition, and the protein forms stable complexes with Cdk2. Further studies demonstrated that Cdi1/KAP binds to Cdk2 and dephosphorylates Thr160 when the associated cyclin subunit is degraded or dissociated (3). This suggested that Cdi1/KAP may inactivate Cdk2 or Cdc2 by removing phosphates from the cyclin complexes, contributing to cell cycle control (2). However, the physiological substrate(s) for tyrosine dephosphorylation of Cdi1/KAP has not yet been identified. Phosphatases have also been shown to play an important role in regulating a variety of signal transduction pathways that have a bearing on cancer (4-6). It was reported that the Cdi1/KAP gene is overexpressed in human breast and prostate cancer using differential screening and that breast and prostate malignancies are associated with high levels of KAP expression (7).
  • Components:
    • 10x Assay Buffer
    • 10x 3-o-methyl fluorescein phosphate (OMFP)
    • Recombinant Human Cdi1/KAP
    • 100x Cdi1 Inhibitor
    • Stop Solution
  • Description:

    The CycLex Cdi1/KAP Fluorometric Assay Kit is a fluorometric and non-radioactive assay designed to measure the activity of Cdi1/KAP protein phosphatase It can be used for 100 assays.

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  • Short Description:

    CycLex Cdi1/KAP Protein Phosphatase Fluorometric Assay Kit.

  • Size:
    100 Assays
  • Storage Temperature:
    -20°C. Please refer to datasheet for additional information
  • Target:
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