CycLex® AMPK Kinase Assay Kit

CycLex AMPK Kinase Assay Kit.



The AMPK kinase assay kit can be used to measure the activity of AMPK for 96 assays. Applications of the kit include screening activators or inhibitors of AMPK, evaluating the effects of pharmacological agents on AMPK in vitro or monitoring the effects of purification of AMPK. MBL International’s AMPK kinase assay kit is highly cited.

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Target: AMPK
Product Type: Kinase Assay Kit
Size: 96 Assays
Research Area / Disease: Cell Biology
Regulatory Statement: For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Microplate, 10X Wash Buffer, Kinase Buffer, 20X ATP, 20X DTT, Anti-phospho-mouse IRS-1 S789 Monoclonal Antibody (AS-4C4), HRP conjugated Anti-mouse IgG, Substrate Reagent, Stop Solution


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Code CY-1182
Product Type Kinase Assay Kit
Size 96 Assays