CycLex® CK2(Casein kinase II) Kinase Assay/Inhibitor Screening Kit

CycLex CK2(Casein kinase II) Kinase Assay/Inhibitor Screening Kit.



The CycLex CK2 Assay/Inhibitor Screening Kit is designed to measure the activity of purified Casein Kinase-2 (CK2) for the rapid and sensitive evaluation of CK2 inhibitors or activators. It can be used for 96 assays.

Target: CK2
Product Type: Kinase Assay Kit
Size: 96 Assays
Research Area / Disease: Cell Biology
Regulatory Statement: For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


  • Microplate
  • 10x Wash Buffer
  • Kinase Buffer
  • 20x ATP
  • HRP conjugated Detection Antibody
  • Substrate Reagent
  • Stop Solution


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Code CY-1170
Product Type Kinase Assay Kit
Size 96 Assays