CycLex® SIRT2 Deacetylase Fluorometric Assay Kit Ver.2

This kit is designed for the rapid and sensitive evaluation of SIRT2 inhibitors or activators using recombinant SIRT2 or purified SIRT2.



This kit is designed for the rapid and sensitive evaluation of SIRT2 inhibitors or activators using recombinant SIRT2 or purified SIRT2.

Target: SIRT2
Product Type: Kit
Size: 100 Assays
Research Area / Disease: Cell Biology
Storage Temperature: -70°C
Regulatory Statement: For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


  • SIRT2 Assay Buffer
  • Fluoro-Substrate Peptide (0.2 mM)
  • Fluoro-Deacetylated Peptide (0.2 mM)
  • NAD (8 mM), Developer
  • Recombinant SIRT2
  • Stop Solution


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Code CY-1152V2
Product Type Kit
Size 100 Assays