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Cell Culture

The unique NanoCulture® Plate utilizes a novel nano-scale structure which provides clear advantages over current monolayer and 3D cell culture offerings. The plate surface is designed to incorporate a specialized film engineered for cells to exhibit in vivo like properties and minimize lot-to-lot variation. The unique micro-structure design prevents the cells from strongly adhering to the surface, allowing cells to migrate and form spheroids through adhesion to neighboring cells.

Data provided by: Prof. Hideo Namiki, Waseda Univ.

NanoCulture® Plate (NCP) and NanoCulture® Dish (NCD)

A hassle free 3D cell culture system.
Just seed cells with standard cell culture medium (10%FBS (heat inactivated) content).

Product format

NanoCulture format

  • 96-well Plate, SBS format
  • Chemokine
  • 384-well Plate, SBS format
  • 24-well Plate, SBS format
  • 35-mm Dish

 Bottom Surface Pattern

            Micro-Honeycomb (MH)                 Micro-Square (MS)

Micro-Honeycomb (MH)

Micro-Square (MS)


Cell Adhesive treatment

  • Low Binding (Standard item)
  • High Binding

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