MBLI offers over 7,000 antibodies, proteins, and kits in which many are related to the field of cancer research. Some of our major products are featured below and in the category-specific pages.


Code No.NameSpecies ReactivitiesApplications
M074-3 Apaf-1 Monoclonal Antibody Human, Mouse, Rat WB
PM050 Atg5 Polyclonal Antibody Human, Mouse, Rat WB
MK-13-3 Cdk2 Monoclonal Antibody Human, Mouse, Rat WB
D219-3 Desmoglein-3 Monoclonal Antibody Human, Mouse IHC, ICC, IP
M033-3 FADD Monoclonal Antibody Human, Mouse WB
K0191-3 Oct-1 Monoclonal Antibody Human WB

Excellent IHC


Anti-Desmoglein 3 mAb (Code No: D219-3)


Excellent Western Blotting

Anti-Atg5 pAb (Code No: PM050)


Code No.NameSize
CY-1182 CycLex® AMPK Kinase Assay Kit 96 assays
CY-1142 CycLex® Cellular BrdU ELISA Kit 200 assays
5235 MESACUP® Cdc2/Cdk1 Kinase Assay Kit 96 wells
CY-8079 CircuLex Human PCSK9 ELISA Kit  96 assays
7638 ST2 ELISA Kit  96 wells

Recombinant Proteins

Code No.NameSize
CY-E1353 Protein Phosphatase Cdc25B (Catalytic domain) 50 µg
CY-E1356 Protein Phosphatase Cdi1/KAP 100 µg
CY-R2144 Human 14-3-3 Sigma 100 µg
CY-E1250 Cysteine Protease Cathepsin S (Human, Active) 10 µg
CY-R2146 Human 14-3-3 Tau 100 µg

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