Active Human Caspase-s, Group 2

  • Target caspase-s
  • Code # BV-K242-2
  • Size 3x25 Assays
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Caspase family consists of more than 10 members. Based on their extended substrate specificities, these enzymes were divided into three major groups: Group I (contains caspase-1,-4,-5), Group II (contains caspase-2,-3,-7), and Group III (contains caspase-6,-8,-9,-10). Evidences have suggested that Group I caspases are involved primarily in the production of inflammatory cytokines, while group II and III enzymes function in apoptosis as effectors and upstream activators, respectively. The group caspases were expressed in E. coli and routinely tested for their ability to enzymatically cleave the substrate VDVAD-pNA (for caspase-2) and DEVD-pNA (for caspase-3 & -7).
  • Description:
    caspase-s Protein of 3x25 Assays.
  • Product Type:
    Recombinant Protein
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  • Short Description:
    caspase-s Protein.
  • Size:
    3x25 Assays
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