Active Human Caspase-s, Group 1

  • Target caspase-s
  • Code # BV-K241-2
  • Size 3x25 Assays
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The caspase family consists of more than 10 members. Based on their extended substrate specificities, these enzymes were divided into three major groups: Group I (contains caspase-1,-4,-5), Group II (contains caspase-2,-3,-7), and Group III (contains caspase-6,-8,-9,-10). Evidences have suggested that Group I caspases are involved primarily in the production of inflammatory cytokines, while group II and III enzymes function in apoptosis as effectors and upstream activators, respectively. The group I caspases were expressed in E. coli and routinely tested for their ability to enzymatically cleave the substrate YVAD-pNA (for caspase-1) and WEHD-pNA (for caspase-4 & -5).
  • Description:
    caspase-s Protein of 3x25 Assays.
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    Recombinant Protein
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    caspase-s Protein.
  • Size:
    3x25 Assays
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