Ab-Match Assembly Human Elafin (SKALP) Kit-Discontinued



This product has been discontinued.

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  1. Zani, M. L., et al., Protease inhibitors derived from elafin and SLPI and engineered to have enhanced specificity towards neutrophil serine proteases. Protein Sci. 18, 579-594 (2009) PMID: 19241385
  2. Roghanian, A, et al., The antimicrobial/elastase inhibitor elafin regulates lung dendritic cells and adaptive immunity. Am. J. Respir. 34, 634-642 (2006) PMID: 16424380
  3. Sallenave, J. M, et al., Regulation of pulmonary and systemic bacterial lipopolysaccharide responses in transgenic mice expressing human elafin. Infect. Immun. 71, 3766-3774 (2003) PMID: 12819058
  4. Wiedow, O, et al., Elafin: an elastase-specific inhibitor of human skin. Purification, characterization, and complete amino acid sequence. J. Biol. Chem. 265, 14791-14795 (1990) PMID: 2394696
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