Ab-Match ASSEMBLY Human PAP1 (REG3α) kit

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PAP1 (pancreatitis associated protein 1) is membrane protein which is overexpressed in pancreas during acute pancreatitis (Ref.1). Amylase, lipase, and tripsin are often used as serum markers for pancreatitis, but these markers only show a transient increase in serum. The blood concentration of PAP1, in contrast, correlates well with the severity of pancreatitis. Therefore, PAP 1 can be used as prognostic marker for pancreatitis (Ref.2). Elevated serum PAP1 has been reported not only in pancreatic cancer, but also in colon and liver cancer (Ref.3,4). MBL’s PAP1 ELISA kit can detect antigen in culture supernatant for the colon cancer derived cell line OUMS-23.
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  • Components:
    PAP1Standard, Anti-PAP1 capture antibody, Anti-PAP1 detection antibody, Streptavidin conj. Peroxidase
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    MBLI’s PAP1 ELISA Kit can detect antigen in culture supernatant for the colon cancer derived cell line OUMS-23.

    Kit needs to be used with 5310.

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    ELISA Kit
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    PAP1 ELISA Kit.
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    96 Tests
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