Ab-Match Universal kit

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    • ELISA
  • Code # 5310
  • Size 96 Tests
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Ab-Match Universal kit comprises of one 96-well microplate, some buffers, some diluents, the substrate solution and the stop solution. Please use Ab-Match Assembly kit in combination with Ab-Match Universal kit in order to build the ELISA system and quantify the target protein in suitable biological samples. The two kits are sufficient to produce one 96-well microplate. This product is intended for research use only.
  • Application:
  • Components:
    Microwell strips, Coating Buffer, Blocking Agent, Sample Diluent, Wash Concentrate, SA-HRP Diluent, Substrate Solution, Stop Solution
  • Description:
    By using the Ab-Match Universal kit in combination with the Ab-Match AssemblIy kit for target protein, the sandwich ELISA system is built. The capture antibody is coated on a 96-well microplate. Standards or samples are added to the microwells, allowing target protein to bind to the capture antibody in proportion to the concentration of target protein in the samples.
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    ELISA Kit
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  • Size:
    96 Tests